ecologiCAD - Design for Environment & CAD

This is the homepage of the Design for Environment (DfE) software ecologiCAD.


ecologiCAD is made to undertake ecological Life Cycle Assessments during product development. The used structures are similar to the product's structures in 3D-CAD systems. ecologiCAD can even synchronise product structures with CAD systems.


The power of ecologiCAD is the ease to create ecological assement based on existing product data. There is no need for extensive and expensive translations between CAD and and LCA.


With ecologiCAD, product's can be modelled based on Assemblies, Parts, and Features. Lifecycle processes can be attached to each of these components - these will result in ecological impact. The extendable database delivers the indicators, which will automatically be adapted to the actual component's characteristics. Results  will be normalised to a functional unit, considering the life duration of each component. Assessments can be exported as tables or graphical charts.


ecologiCAD can be downloaded and used free of charge. See the license agreement for more information.


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